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Emotionally connect with your members through enhancing their auto loan experience.
How would you like to instantly double your non-interest income, reduce your team's workload, and improve productivity and satisfaction?

We deliver a creative and highly technical auto loan process that will enhance your members' experience. 

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The Member Closing Center's (MCC) secret sauce is our proprietary selling process combined with our unique digital loan closing technology that elegantly matches the perfect suite of products to the driving habits of each individual member providing a loan structure that allows the member to love their car while saving thousands in ownership costs. 

The MCC performs a secure digital loan closing either in branch or on member’s device 

  • Focus is on the car ownership experience

  • The loan structure is designed on-the-fly to match member’s driving habits

  • Total cost of ownership savings as well as the monthly payment is revealed in presentation

  • Unique Long-term protections cause members to “Love their car ”and allows the member to safely extend ownership terms, saving thousands in depreciation, interest, repairs and taxes.


Our software finds prospective members with credit you love.

We invite them to join your credit union through refinancing their auto loan.

Our advertising experts use proven strategies to attract new members.

You get new business and only pay us 1 - 2 % of the amount financed on funded loans



Make your current members more valuable and loyal by saving them money on their auto loans!
Our digital solution focuses on the member’s car ownership experience, not just the loan.  Our entire closing presentation deals with how we help ensure your members happiness with their car while saving them money.


There are so many great reasons to work with The Member Closing Center to generate truly impressive results for your credit union:

We pay 100% of the installation costs

We deliver the paperwork in the format you use

We provide the software and staff at no additional cost

You reduce overhead and double revenue. 

You can’t lose when you use The Member Closing Center to

enhance your auto loan business.

We expand your profits, fit into your workflow, and

require no long-term contracts
If you decide to stop working with us for any reason,

you can end our relationship with no hassles.

Don't Miss Out!


— Ken Walter

evolve Federal Credit Union

President & CEO

"Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge from a dealer's perspective that is hard to find someone that will share that knowledge."

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