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About Us

What is The Member Closing Center?

The Member Closing Center (MCC) is a revolutionary way to refinance your auto loan through a credit union

  • Partner with your local credit union
  • Show the benefits of refinancing your car loan
  • Make sure you get the BEST loan package
  • Most importantly, we keep money in YOUR pocket
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How Do I Become a Member?

Maybe you got our email but aren't currently a member of one of our credit union partners. That's okay, we're still here to help.

Transfer your auto loan over to us and we will get you signed up as a member at the same time!

Call or email us at (314) 896-4890 or info@memberclosingcenter.com to get started!

Why Refinance My Car Loan?

It's simple. We want to save you money! In most cases, our members save over $1,000 in interest over the lifetime of their loan by lowering their monthly auto payment. MCC works with you to make sure you have the best possible loan for your vehicle.

Why Refinance with MCC?

We are not a credit union but since our goal is to save you money, typically credit unions can offer better savings, better rates, and fewer fees. That's why we chose to partner with credit unions.

Being a member of a credit union means that you have a financial institution that is on your side. Credit Unions are not-for-profits whose sole purpose is to serve their members rather than maximize profits.

Is Refinancing Hard?

Not at all! If you've received an email from us, you've already been pre-approved by the credit union and we can offer you a lower interest rate.

We then gather some more basic information from you:

  • Car Info
  • Earnings Information
  • Current Loan

Once we gather that information, you'll know how much we can save you in less than 24 hours. Then we will call to set up the appointment for you to sign the paperwork.

Featured Partners

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Contact Us

Refinance your auto loan with us

Call or email us with your questions

(314) 896-4890

Work with us as a Credit Union

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Meet the Team

Johnny Garlich, Jr.

President & CEO

Johnny's career has always been about bridging the gap between innovation and technology. At 60-years-young Johnny has delayed a well-deserved retirement because he is having too much fun disrupting the financial services industry.



See what others are saying about MCC and our refinancing loan process

Ken Walters - evolve President/CEO

Ken Walters

evolve Federal Credit Union
President & CEO

"Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge from a dealer perspective that is hard to find someone that will share that knowledge."

Randee Pitchard

Randee Pitchford

Neighbors Credit Union
Central Processing Manager

"Everyone at MCC is very friendly, they listen and understand how our process works, making it a great experience for our members and creating a similar atmosphere as our internal closings. "

Bob Lachky

Bob Lachky

Former CCO

"Johnny Garlich is an amazing marketer. He's bright, innovative, and incredibly motivated. He has keen intellect regarding emerging technologies that can positively affect business. I love working with Johnny because he pushes you to be the best."

Chase McKeague

Chase McKeague

Chase and Company

"Johnny possesses a unique talent of futuristic thinking and embraces the changes necessary to implement new business models and technologies."