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The Auto Loan
Our premier auto loan solution is a hidden opportunity for both Consumers and Credit Unions. 

For credit union partners, The Member Closing Center expands and optimizes your auto loan business.

For consumers, The Member Closing Center is a revolutionary way to refinance your auto loan through a credit union.

Received one of our offers?



An integrated, cohesive auto loan structure that optimizes your auto loan process.


A digital loan process that enhances your operations,

reduces employee workloads and improves productivity and satisfaction.


Loans that instantly double your non-interest fee income resulting in satisfied members saving thousands in ownership costs.

The Member Closing Center (MCC) was started in 2014 by Jennifer Box and Johnny Garlich. The company is based out of St. Louis, Missouri. What began as a simple finance company has grown into a finance company with a strong emphasis on digital marketing.

It’s a unique combination that makes up our winning formula. The Member Closing Center partners with only best-in-class credit unions whose aspirations match our own.


Our process is fast, high-tech, and simple. No other company can offer as comprehensive and fully-customizable auto loan solution as The Member Closing Center.

We want to help people make smart decisions with their finances. We get that started one automotive loan at a time.

"The Member Closing Center only partners with the best Credit Unions so that we can help our customers increase the value of their money."

— Jennifer Box, President 

Our Story

Our Services

At The Member Closing Center, we provide a unique digital loan process that will not only save members money, it will enhance their ownership experience.


We partner with credit unions to educate members how our proprietary loan structure makes sense for their financial future. 


Our auto loan enhancement program offers a remote video closing technology, a dedicated, experienced and focused loan team, and a unique suite of products matching member's needs and a loan structure that allows the member to "love their car" while saving thousands. 

Our Services



Our digital closing software

makes it quick and easy to close
a new loan anytime anywhere.


When we send an offer,

we know we can save them

money over the life of that loan.


Joining a credit union means

lower rates on loans, higher interest savings, and unmatched customer service.

Our Goal

Our higher cause is simple – we help members achieve the lowest total cost of ownership with the highest satisfaction. We convert depreciation, interest, repair, and tax costs into members' personal savings.

Our Goals

Our Partners

Interested in working with us? 

Our Partners
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