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  • How Do I Become a Member?
    Maybe you got our email but aren't currently a member of one of our credit union partners. That's okay, we're still here to help. Transfer your auto loan over to us and we will get you signed up as a member at the same time! Call or email us at (888) 522-5212 or to get started!
  • Why Refinance with MCC?
    We are not a credit union but since our goal is to save you money, typically credit unions can offer better savings, better rates, and fewer fees. That's why we chose to partner with credit unions. Being a member of a credit union means that you have a financial institution that is on your side. Credit Unions are not-for-profits whose sole purpose is to serve their members rather than maximize profits. The Member Closing Center is a revolutionary way to refinance your auto loan through a credit union. Ready to fnd out more contact us today at 888-522-5212.
  • Is Refinancing Hard?
    Not at all! If you've received an offer from us, you've already been pre-approved by the credit union and we can lower your interest rate. We then gather some more basic information from you: * Car Info * Earnings Information * Current Loan Once we gather that information, you'll know how much we can save you in less than 24 hours. Then we will call to set up an appointment for you to sign the paperwork.
  • What is the overall auto refinance process?
    Pre-Qualification: Congratulations! We have already pre-approved you to refinance your current auto loan with no impact on your credit score. Credit Application: Review your offer and complete your credit application. This will result in an inquiry posted to your consumer credit report. Finalize: Provide your VIN, Sign your contract, enter your current lender details, and if needed, provide any supporting documents
  • What does “pre-approved” mean?
    We work with credit bureaus to provide a firm offer of credit based on a review of your credit profile. Being pre-approved means that your credit is aligned with our approval matrix. Next, we need to get your vehicle information to make sure your car qualifies. And finally, we need to validate your income. 1-2-3 and your application process is complete! We match you to one of our not-for-profit financial institution partners located in the your area.
  • Does the pre-screen process affect my credit score?
    No, there was no impact to your credit score when we performed the prescreen, which resulted in you being pre-approved.
  • Why Refinance My Car Loan?
    It's simple. We want to save you money! In most cases, our members save over $1,000 in interest over the lifetime of their loan by lowering their monthly auto payment. MCC works with you to make sure you have the best possible loan for your vehicle.
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