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Make Auto Refinancing
Your New
Growth Generator
How would you like $1 Million a month in brand-new loans?

We deliver qualified members and high-quality refinanced auto loans with multi-year terms for your credit union.

Get your complimentary market analysis today!


The Member Closing Center (MCC) has a suite of sophisticated financial tools that can identify members and non-members with the best credit profiles. We work with you to select the specific channels that will integrate with your current marketing approach. We use proven strategies to reach these excellent prospects in a variety of possible ways, including:

  • Direct mail

  • Telemarketing

  • Email

  • Text messaging

  • Social media

  • Search engine optimization

We then offer them the opportunity to save money when they refinance their auto loans through your credit union. The result: more new members, more productive existing members, and more loan income for your CU, without any additional marketing costs!


Our software finds prospective members with credit you love.

We invite them to join your credit union through refinancing their auto loan.

Our advertising experts use proven strategies to attract new members.

You get new business and only pay us 1 - 2 % of the amount financed on funded loans



Make your current members more valuable and loyal by saving them money on their auto loans!

The Member Closing Center identifies those specific members who are in a position to refinance their auto loan from another institution, we bring those members to your credit union. They also save a significant amount of money in the process. It's win-win, for you and your members!


There are so many great reasons to work with The Member Closing Center to generate truly impressive results for your credit union:

We pay for and manage 100% of related marketing

We deliver the paperwork in the format you use

We provide the deals.

You make the call.

Minimal 1% to 2 % fee on the amount financed

You can’t lose when you use The Member Closing Center to grow your loan business. We expand your profits, fit into your workflow, and require no long-term contracts.
If you decide to stop working with us for any reason, you can end our
relationship with no hassles.

Don't Miss Out!


— Ken Walters

evolve Federal Credit Union

President & CEO

"Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge from a dealer's perspective that is hard to find someone that will share that knowledge."

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